Creative Study Academy aka Team CSA is an online educational platform in Bangladesh founded in 2020 by Piyush Saha from Faridpur. Right now Team CSA is focused on making quality content for SSC Preparation & our vision is to provide quality education for all the learners out there

Founded: October 10, 2020

Key People: Piyush Saha, Sadhan Moni Sarker, Meher Negar Aninda, Lamia Khanom

Founder: Piyush Saha

Team CSA Piyush Saha

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team CSA?

Team members of Creative Study Academy are called Team CSA as a group. Creative Study Academy is an Edtech Platform currently based on SSC & HSC Academic & Admission Preparation. Besides, quality classes, handnotes, and study materials, CSA provides necessary guidelines for all the students.

What is the purpose of Team CSA?

Our main purpose is to make quality education affordable to every single student of Bangladesh. We assure the highest quality content at most affordable price.

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